Adult Stem Cell Successes: 73 vs Embryonic Stem Cell Successes: 0
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Basic Stem Cell Facts
What Are Stem Cells?
Stem Cells are cells that do not have a specific function, but they can develop into other cells that have specific roles in the body.

Are All Stem Cells the Same?
No. There are many types of stem cells, but they can be classified into two basic groups: Adult Stem Cells (taken from the body tissue of a placenta, umbilical cord, our own body, fat cells, or cells from pigs, etc. - any non-embryo stem cell) and Embryonic Stem Cells that are taken from an embryo.

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What Exactly Is an Embryo?
An Embryo is the early stage of development of a baby. In the process of getting Embryonic Stem Cells, the embryo is destroyed. Each of us was an embryo; it is part of our human development.

Do Embryonic Stem Cells Cure or Treat Diseases?
No. Embryonic Stem Cells have never been used on a human being. They have been used on mice and have created tumors in the mice. There have been no cures or successful treatments using Embryonic Stem Cells.

Have Adult Stem Cells Been Used Successfully?
Yes! Bone marrow cells have been used to repair heart muscle after a heart attack. Umbilical cord cells have been used to treat children who would normally die with Krabbe Disease, Hurler Syndrome, and other genetic metabolic diseases; many of these children are now living good lives. Autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Systemic Lupus have been treated successfully with Adult Stem Cells. Some of the cancers treated with Adult Stem Cells that have shown good results are brain tumors, skin cancer, lymphoma, ovarian cancer, and testicular cancer. Neurological conditions such as Parkinson's Disease, Spinal Cord Injury, and Stroke damage have also been successfully treated wtih Adult Stem Cells and in many cases cured. Go to Stem Cell Benefits to view the list of 73 diseases and/or conditions that have been had positive results using Adult Stem Cells.
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